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  1. i am truly your fan. your writing style, use of words, quotes, your feelings: Jazbaat ...all and all are just beautifully expressed, and wonderfully created. i kept with me all the time. Anuradha ji keep such articles coming...God Bless you and your work.
    Lv you..Uday

  2. That's some encomium. :) Thank you for reading and for those very kind words.

  3. I have become a fan your write ups on films. About me, I left birth place of Hubli Karnataka in 1972 with engg degree for Goa and in 1973 I reached Chennai to work as scientist in a national lab and retired in 2010 to start a R&D Lab in SRM University. Retired this year from SRM to go Bangalore where my family stays now as my wife is Bangalorean by birth and education till marriage. This is just to show that I had exposure to Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam (little bit because of my many wonderful colleagues and students) and Telugu (as a language of Dravidian Family). You had also similar wonderful even more intense exposure to different languages, culture, etc. Therefore, your views are more broad and intense. I like these qualities. Your review of Andaz 1949 film, your write ups on Kishoreda, Asha’s book, etc were superb. I wish you all the best. It would be nice if I can express my thanks to all your blog writing on phone personally. My number is 9840076821. My second son joined NJIT New Jersey USA this Jan 2020 for his masters in Civil Engg. Wish you all the best. I had visited USA long back in 1979-1980 as a UN fellow to study new concretes in places such as BNL, NY; U of Texas at Austin; US Army Waterways Expt Station, Texas; USBR, Denver; IIT @ Chicago; U of Washington; etc. After that, since 2005, I visited France, Germany, Netherland, Czeck, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand. Respected highly knowledgeable Anuji, what is your view on Lata vs Rafi. I always felt Rafi is ahead of everybody, Lata is no where near to perfect singing of Rafi. I want to know your write ups on this topic. Even Lata agreed that she can not sing like Rafi when she was asked forcibly to sing Rafi’s song of Kashmir ki Kali for heroine.

    1. Mr Rajamane, I seem to have completely missed this comment. Unfortunately, Google doesn't let me know when people have commented on my pages. And so, more than a year later, thank you for your appreciation, for reading and for commenting on my posts.

      Once again, my apologies for the inordinate delay in replying.


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