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09 April 2008

How The Blog Came By Its Present Name

My blog was originally named '3warriersand 1kuttichathan' . I had a friend look over my blog - just look at it, you know - and tell me what he thought of it - and the first thing he said was, "Gosh, the name of your blog is a mouthful" - well, so it is, and who is to blame for that, may I ask? Said friend's wife. Here I was, muddling along fine, with my surname intact, and I wrote a story about a kuttichathan - it appeared on Sulekha.com, back when the site was still an online magazine. Once it was published, I made the mistake of sending it to her to read. Bas! That was it - from then on, my name was changed without so much as a by-your-leave or if-you -please. My e-mail id is saved under the name of 'Kuttichathan' and that is how she refers to me among her (very) large circle of friends. I have had people come up to me at parties, and she will introduce me to them as, you guessed it - Kuttichathan. Many of her friends do not even know my real name. I figured I may as well give in - if you can't beat them, join them, sort of thing. Therefore, here we were, in all our glory - my family and I - three Warriers and one Kuttichathan - on a blog this time around.
Then I decided to take a look around and saw my personal Kuttichathan glaring at me - he dislikes his name being taken over by me, and never mind if it wasn't my fault in the first place. Now, I know what happens when my Kuttichathan gets angry - I lose things. So, out of sheer cowardice, (those who fight and run away, live to fight another day and all that sort of rot) I changed the name. My Kuttichathan is still annoyed - he thought I was going to write another story about him.

My Lists:
The lists are merely representative of the type of fiction and non-fiction that I like to read - there are too many favourite books and authors out there.
I am re-reading Yakshi at the moment, it is still one of my most favourite books and maybe, tomorrow, I will post a review of the book. I remember writing one for the now defunct Sunday Observer, way back in the dark ages. This blog will contain reviews of books I read, movies I watch, and never mind if they are not the latest bestseller or the greatest blockbuster. I like to share the books and movies and music I like, and some of my favourite authors have become so because someone recommended him or her to me. My English professor recommended I Heard The Owl Call My Name; my cousin gave me my very first Georgette Heyer, because she was appalled that I had never read her; my father was responsible for my undying love for Wodehouse. I would like to have readers of my blog recommend their favourites, so I can find new favourites and rekindle my acquaintance with old ones.

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