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30 November 2012

My Favourites: Conversational Songs

When I was off on my long hiatus, one of my readers complained my blog was 'static' and I should do something about it - quick! He also sent me a list of what he called sawaal-jawaab songs that he wanted me to write about. I was intrigued by the theme because while I have many lists that I would like to enlarge into posts, I had never considered this. 

While most of the songs that fall under this heading are romantic, all romantic duets do not obviously fit the criteria. Typically, romantic songs fall into the pattern of one verse expressing one person's feelings, followed by the next verse expressing the romantic partner's feelings. This particular sub-set allows for a slight variation - they are usually teasing or playful, and the verses often question the reasons for falling in love, and follow with the answers.

Many of the songs that my reader helpfully listed for me are beyond the purview of this blog because it is very rarely that I go beyond the golden era, especially for music, but he did get me started. I also poached five of the fourteen songs he sent me - they happen to be among my favourites. Many of these songs follow the question-answer format, while a couple are purely conversational, but fit the theme very well, nevertheless. Some of the songs begin with the sawaal-jawaab, but soon move into the conversational mode.

It is also not surprising (to me) that my favourite songs in this genre include many songs that feature two of my favourite heroes - Dev Anand and Shammi Kapoor. So, with many thanks to Boby who gave me this theme, here are my favourite sawaal-jawaab songs in no particular order.

1. Jaane kahan mera jigar gaya ji (Mr & Mrs 55/1955) Mohammed Rafi-Geeta Dutt / OP Nayyar-Majrooh Sultanpuri
The poor man has lost his jigar and is searching for it. In office. Among the dusty files, under a table, inside a typewriter... Yasmin, cute, dimpled Yasmin is not very sympathetic. Yahan use laaye kaahe ko bina kaam re? (Why did you unnecessarily bring it here?) she asks, but he is suspicious now - Tu-ne to nahin hain churaaya mera maal re?  She is insouciant. If he touches her feet, she will tell him. The film may have been rather regressive, but it did have some wonderful one-liners, and was entertaining enough, with lovely, lovely songs as one would expect from a Guru Dutt film.

If I were pushed to pick my favouritest of Johnny Walker songs, it would be a tie between this and Ae dil hai mushkil.

2. Chhod do aanchal zamaana kya kahega (Paying Guest/1957) Asha Bhosle-Kishore Kumar / SD Burman-Majrooh Sultanpuri
A song which, though it fits into a question-answer format, is more of a conversational song. When she is bothered about what the world will say (Zamaana kya kahega?) he turns that same question on her: What will the world say? What can it say, indeed, when the two of them are so much in love with each other? 

When she threatens to leave - he is free to sit there singing of love, if he wants to - he demurs: Itna to sochiye mausam suhaana kya kahega? She stays. (Dev Anand at his romantic best, and Kishoreda adding that extra zing - how could she not stay?)
3. Hum aap ki aankhon mein (Pyaasa/1957) Mohammed Rafi-Geeta Dutt / SD Burman-Sahir Ludhianvi
While this song follows the question-answer format, there is a slight variation - the statements come first, and the questions follow. So he begins with all that he will do for love of her, and she questions what would happen if she didn't follow through...   
Hum aap ki kadhmon par gir jaayenge gash khaakar
Is par bhi na hum apne aanchal ki hawa de to?  
Playful though it is, the song foreshadows the turmoil that the lovers will face soon after. 

4.  Ishaaron ishaaron mein dil lene waale (Kashmir ki Kali/1964) Asha Bhosle-Mohammed Rafi/OP Nayyar-SH Bihari
If Dev is around, can Shammi be far behind? With the lovely Sharmila as an innocent mountain lass in her debut film, the questions in this song are mostly rhetorical, and so the conversation proceeds with her querying where he learnt to steal hearts. From the same place where she learnt to use the magic of her eyes, he responds. She chides him gently - Mazaa kya raha jab kii khud kar liya ho, Muhobbat ka izhaar apni zubaan se? He is unrepentant - Yeh Raanjha ke baatein, ye Majnun ke kisse, Alag to nahi hai meri daastaan se?

5. Sach bata tu mujhpe fida (Sone ki Chidiya/1958) Asha Bhosle-Talat Mahmood / OP Nayyar-Sahir Ludhianvi
This is more in the nature of a romantic song. 'Tell me why you love me,' she says, and he answers. But she needs to be convinced. Nazneen main hii nahin, Hai yahaan laakhon haseen... So tell me truthfully why you fell in love with me?

A film-within-a film that yet is 'their' reality, the song captures the ephemeral emotions that trap the heroine further in her gilded cage.

6.  Aankhon mein kya ji (Nau Do Gyarah/1957) Asha Bhosle-Kishore Kumar / SD Burman-Majrooh Sultanpuri
Dev again! A playful, teasing number which, though it begins with straightforward questions and answers devolves into gently querying statements which he completes for her...
Rangiin hai mausam
Tere dam kii bahaar hai
Phir bhi hai kuch kam
Bas tera intezaar hai 
He is not at a loss for words, not he, and she exclaims:  
Dekhne me bhole ho lekin ho bade chanchal...
He is playful, absolutely, charmingly playful. 

7.  Mere yaar shabba khair (Junglee/1961) Lata Mangeshkar-Mohammed Rafi / Shankar-Jaikishen-Hasrat Jaipuri
And sure as night follows day, Shammi follows Dev again. She's bidding him farewell after having spent a day with him. He doesn't want her to go, and when she demurs, explains that she may well leave the place, how will she leave his heart? When he realises she is serious, he wishes that once, just this once, night would not follow day, and that day would linger on...
Ye chanchal haseen raat haay kaash aaj na jaati
Har din ke baat raat hai, ik din to thahar jaati
Koii humse bicchad ke na jaata
Jeene ka mazaa aa jaata

And then perhaps life would be worth living!

8. Sun sun sun sun zaalima (Aar Paar/1954) Mohammed Rafi-Geeta Dutt / OP Nayyar-Majrooh Sultanpuri
This song is a perfect example of a conversational song. It moves away completely from the question-answer format, even though he asks her at one point: Door kab talak rahoon? (How long will you stay away?) He is avowing his love to a girl who has no reason to believe him. She does love him, but is no mood to give in to his blandishments, so each time he offers an example of how right they are for each other (Dor tu patang mein), she refutes it (Lo kat gayi patang ji, dor ab na daaliye) - in verse.
9. Tere ghar ke samne (Tere Ghar ke Samne/1963) Mohammed Rafi-Lata Mangeshkar / SD Burman-Hasrat Jaipuri
This is yet another song which is an actual conversation, not a question-answer session.

Tired of playing hide-and-seek with two clients (one of whom is his father) who each want the same design for their house, he is at the end of his tether; so, when he 'sees' his love inside his whiskey glass, he tells her that if the world has to come to an end, it will, if he has to destroy himself, he will, but he will build his house in front of her house. 

She sounds a note of caution -  Ghar ko banana koyi aasaan kaam nahin (It is not an easy task to build a house) - but he is unwilling to listen... If his heart is faithful, then nothing can stop him. She tries again, but seeing that nothing can turn him from his purpose, finally gives in - with a challenge:  
Kaanton bhare hai lekin chaahat ke raaste
Tum kya karoge dekhen ulfat ke vaaste... 

He is confident he can do something...
Ulfat me taj (crown) chhoote ye bhi tumhe yaad hoga, 
Ulfat me Taj (Taj Mahal) bane, ye bhi tumhe yaad hoga
Main bhi kuch banaaunga tere ghar ke saamne... 

10. Achchaji mein haari chalo (Kala Pani/1958) Asha Bhosle-Mohammed Rafi / SD Burman-Majrooh Sultanpuri
Yes, I know. It's Dev again. Only, this time he is being wooed out of his sulks. This song would more properly fit into the roothna-manana theme, but it is also a perfect 'conversation' song in that the lyrics are a give-and-take between the two artistes. She is apologising for having misjudged him - Chhote se qasoor pe aise ho khafa? - but he is not amused: Roothe toh huzoor the meri kya khata?

The laughter is never far from the surface as she goes after him, and that doesn't make her half-apology any more palatable to him. Neither does her attitude - she is very sure that he will not be able to live without her: Chhod diya to haath maloge, samjhe? she claims, and when he offers that he is well enough alone, Char kadam bhi chal na sakoge, samjhe? she scoffs.

11. Abhi na jao chhodkar (Hum Dono/1961) Mohammed Rafi-Asha Bhosle / Jaidev-Sahir Ludhianvi
This is getting to be a 'Dev Anand in Conversation' post. He is at his romantic best. There is no teasing here, no questions, no answers, just a quiet plea to 'stay, for his heart has not had enough'. She's 'just come' he says, and they have hardly spoken. But day has turned into night, and she begs him tremulously to not stop her, for if she stays any longer, she will not be able to leave him at all.
Bas ab na mujhko thokna, na badhke raah rokna
Agar main ruk gayi abhi jaa na paauungi kabhi
He tries again: It is not enough to fall in love; one has to commit to that relationship and if she leaves him like this, how will she face up to the challenges that Life will throw in their paths?

If pushed to choose, this would be my pick from among these songs. Its quiet romanticism always makes me smile. Love should be like this. (It also helps to have Dev Anand in front, singing in Rafisaab's voice.) 

12. Achcha to hum chalte hain (Aan Milo Sajna/1970) Lata Mangeshkar-Kishore Kumar / Laxmikant Pyarelal - Anand Bakshi
This is one of the rare occasions that I actually go beyond the sixties for a song, but this particular song is the perfect way to end this post. It is the quintessential playful sawaal-jawaab song, following the format almost to the very end. And so they romance, squabble, set a date for the following evening, everything in verse.

Apart from the fact that after Dev and Shammi, one can scarcely discuss romance without mentioning Rajesh Khanna, I like this song simply because the lyrics are very straightforward. There is no beating around the bush for this couple, no euphemisms, and what is more, the girl does the proposing!   Won't her folks object, he queries? No, they are all willing, she says... 

In an old interview with Anand Bakshi, the veteran lyricist narrated a quaint story as to how this song came about. Apparently, the music directors had spent hours with the lyricist trying to come up with a song that fit the situation. Finally, towards the evening, Anand Bakshi got up to leave saying 'Achcha, toh hum chalte hain'. And the response to the query 'Phir kab miloge?' was 'Jab tum kahoge.' It was an 'Eureka' moment - all thoughts of leaving banished, the lyricist sat down and the rest of the song almost wrote itself. 

(Disclaimer: I don't know if Bakshi saab actually said it, or whether the reporter exaggerated. Whatever it is,  wasn't it Mark Twain who quipped: 'Never let facts get in the way of a good story'?)

Do you  know of any conversational songs? What would your picks be?


  1. Good to see you back in action, Anu, with a post featuring romantic songs and Shammi and Dev - I must have died and gone to Heaven!  I can only think of one song which seems to fit in - Ek sawaal main karoon ... from Sasural:
    But before I tax my poor brains, let me enjoy the songs in your post first!

  2. Lovely theme. 11 songs are among my favourite, not that I don't like achha to hum chalte hain it's just not on my favourite list. I've often wondered about this theme myself just because of this one song.

    The tune and voices of this song are the style from the time I like and so could be on my favourite list :-)

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't make out whether you mean only romantic songs.
    Of course there are all those qwaalis, and riddle solving songs which of course wouldn't fit...I think :-/

    Lovely fun theme Anu.

  3.  It's good to be back, Lalitha. You know, when I first made this list I'd thought of this song, but for the life of me I couldn't remember how it went, or which it film it was from! Thank you for the link.

  4.  It's not just romantic songs, I guess, though they are mostly from that genre. It is anything that could be construed as an actual conversation - whether it is an answer to a question, or whether it is just a conversation, albeit in verse. I don't know whether quawalis would fit because that (to me, at least) is not 'conversation'. Put it this way - a qawali, to me, is like a debate, not a conversation. :) (I don't know if I'm guilty of over-simplification here, but I have this rather tenuous idea of what I mean, and I can't seem to make it any clearer.) But do post songs you think fit the overall theme? We can never have too many songs. :)

  5. Does the song I posted qualify, Anu?

  6.  You know, it took me quite a while to decide; Lalitha had also posted the same song. While it is a sawaal jawaab song, it doesn't fit my criteria, which is that it should be part of a conversation. This is more like the 'puzzle song' you mentioned. I'm thinking of the songs as being more about 'talking' in verse, whether they are asking questions (Jaane kaha mera jigar gaya ji) or not (Abhi na jao). Am I making myself clear, or am I just confusing you even more? :)

  7.  I swear when I posted my comment Lalitha's comment wasn't here. :-/
    But now I see she seems to have posted before me which means I should have seen her song. It's quite a puzzlement.
    I did feel the song would robably not fit. Well. I'll find some. :-)

  8. Excellent list, though when I read the theme I assumed qawwalis, with their repartee inherent in the lyrics, would dominate. Not in your timeframe, but here is an excellent example, with both the parts of the conversation giving as good as they get. (Another song from Nikaah, Dil Ki Yeh Aarzoo Thi is also a conversation in pieces, but at a much more leisurely and meandering pace).


    (Someone cattily said that this song was only a hit because it featured Salma Agha at her sculpted best without letting her sing, but I refuse to accept it).

  9. Vaise to make it a baker's dozen, I would recommend


  10. Thank you for the post. It was just a stray thought of mine that you have elevated into the beautiful here. Brilliant! Needless to say, I loved it the great comeback. (Now if Sachin would do something similar at Eden.).
    Have always been amused at Guru Dutt's very own style of romancing; him being the brooding, tragic sort playful doesn't come naturally. Both songs in the list form part of a wonderful study on the great man. In Sun Sun Sun, it is a pleasure to hear Shyama's (Geeta Dutt's) harsh rebuke 'bewafa' at the start get toned down to a very loving chide towards the end. A beautiful amalgam of the shot, expressions and the music in my opinion brought about by O.P, Guru Dutt and Shyama. Guru Dutt is more in his comfort zone, on the other hand, the signature furrowed brow in place while serenading the elusive lover Mala Sinha in thick fog. A perfect build up for being dumped and the excellent 'Jaane woh kaise, log the jinke, pyaar ko pyaar mila....' later in the movie. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmWZHQAKMEk)This just made my day start on an excellent note, playing all these lovely songs. May the force be with you, Anu!

  11. Thank you, Boby, for suggesting this theme - and thank you, Anu, for creating such a great post out of it! I love all the songs you've listed (well, maybe not Achha toh hum chalte hain quite so much, though the anecdote you narrated was delightful). May I suggest a couple of others? One a Dev Anand one (yes, this should've been a 'Dev Anand in Conversation' songs list!) - also from Nau Do Gyarah, Kali ke roop mein chali ho dhoop mein:


    And another Johnny Walker one, Arre na na tauba tauba. I love Noor's repartee here - especially that "reechh ka tu uncle, bandar ka tu baap stuff. Cute!


  12. Bhooooooot :)) I believe you, though. Disqus does these weird things some times.

  13.  The problem with qawalis as I was telling pacifist, is that they are more in the nature of debates -with one side expounding a point, and the other refuting it. It doesn't make for a 'conversation'. Laughing at the quip about Salma Agha. I did like her songs in Nikaah so I'm not against her per se.

  14.  Umm, lovely song, but not a conversation, at least I don't think so. :( It's more "this is how I love you' followed by more 'this is how *I* love you'... I mean, I know they are singing to each other, but the thoughts are independent. I would point out Abhi na jao chhodkar as a perfect example - because he has a definite point to make; one which she is responding to, in *her* verse, followed by his refutal of her explanation for wanting to go. I can see that being an actual conversation between two people (though obviously it sounds so much better in verse). Whereas, this one? Not so much. It is just another romantic duet.

  15.  You're welcome. Thanks for the idea for the theme. I agree with you about Guru Dutt - he didn't quite know how to do playful. :)

  16. I'd completely forgotten this song, Madhu! I haven't heard it for a long, long time. Thank you so much for listing it - yes, perfect conversational song - I'm wondering now if I could have done ten such songs with Dev! He seems to have been rather good at having conversations in verse.

    Yes, yes, yes to Arre na na tauba tauba... :) What a lovely song, and so witty at that. I love the verses! *This* is exactly the sort of song that would fit this theme! Thank you, Madhu! :)

  17.  ps: Agree with both pacifist and you about Achcha toh hum chalte hain. But it was such a perfect way to end the post. *Grin*

  18. With most songs on Dev or Shammi or JW or Guru Dutt, how can this not be a great post !. I like all the songs, including the Rajesh one :)
    One missing hero is Amitabh, how about this one from the 70's; many explicit questions in here :)

  19.  I like! It's the perfect sawaal jawaab/conversational song!

    How can I not like it? :)) AB looks soooo good! (Now you've made me want to watch The Great Gambler again!) 

  20. Interesting theme..... Some of the songs listed here, I have a preference for solos but I like most of those duets.
    My suggestions - This CLASSIC song from 'Chalti ka naam gaadi' seems like a major absentee here
    from 'Laadla' (is that the same guy from 'Dosti'?)
    A Shammi song
    A Fab song from 'Ustadon ke Ustad' , I know I'm calling a 'rip off' fab but still.... any song Helen does with Dev,Mehmood,Johnny,Shammi and dance offs with many heroines are automatically 'fab' for me no matter if the song is not a hit. Here Johny Walker alone makes it fab.

  21.  Chris, thanks due to Boby who came up with the idea for the theme, and challenged me to expand on it. :)

    Haal kaisa hai janab ka only starts off as a sawaal-jawab in the mukhda; then it becomes a straightforward romantic duet, which is why I regretfully abandoned it. (It was on my list.)

    The Shammi song underwent the same fate because it was not a conversation; and the sawaal was not really answered, was it? His verses had nothing to do with hers. It was more like each one trying to win, and that somehow doesn't fit this theme. In my opinion, of course.

    I loved the song from Laadla. Yes, the man is Sudhir Kumar, who also acted in Dosti. Is the heroine Kumud Chuggani, do you know? Yes, this song fits the 'conversational song' theme very well, because their interaction could as well be in the form of a dialogue. Lovely! Thank you for this song, it was new to me.

    I agree with you about Helen songs. I find her fab, in all her avtars. And this song with Johnny Walker also fits the theme very well.  If you like Helen so much, you may be interested in these posts:

  22. Some more
    From Chori Chori - RK's songs seem to ignored in most of the lists I have seen recently
    Post 60s songs
    From 'Apradh'
    From Dharmatma
    From Qurbani
    You would have noted the similarities there
    Feroz produced,directed ,acted in those and Kalyanji Anandji were the music directors.
    KA have nearly become my favourites. They didn't go on a copying spree like RDB  and LP (yes, LP dished out some bad music except Subhash Ghai's films post 80s).

  23. Woohoo! -punches air- You're back, Anu! I cheered and cheered like crazy over the Dev songs, and Shammi songs, AND Achcha To Hum Chalte Hai. Oh my God, I love all the songs! It helps to know and have heard all but one! Sorry if I sounded out of sorts back at my blog that day - hate having jammed thumbs. I got a new kitten today, he's gray and white, and has long fur, and green eyes. We called him Rocky! My uncle said it was like Rocky the Flying Squirrel, but I liked it because, well, Teesri Manzil. :)

  24. Alsoalsoalso, I think this counts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ijCgpX_u_s

    Some more Rajesh-ness for the comments! Must admit, that I LOVE his films and him too. Sort of have a small little cruuush on him. (: And heck, I would love to have someone to do it to me - someone as handsome as Rajesh and someone with a voice like Kishore - oh gosh. -faints-

  25. Thank you for such a warm welcome. :) (I know it is really because I wrote about Dev and Shammi...) Which is the song you hadn't heard before?

    Congratulations on the new kitten. Pets are such fun, aren't they? But tell me, how is your thumb? Did you have it seen to?

  26.  Yes, it does. Perfect conversational song right there. :)

    I would love to have someone to do it to me

    :) You, and millions of other women before you!

  27.  Chris - another RK fan? *Grin* Welcome to my blog! I'd given up hope of finding someone else who liked RK as much. I did have this on my shortlist, but then decided against it because it became a stage show/dream sequence, plus the actual singers were two other people. So, since I had other songs on my list, this got dropped. Thanks for posting it in the comments here.

    Feroz Khan was another director who did pay a lot of attention to the music in his films. I like all the songs you listed. I'm not a great fan of KA, though I admit that they did give some good songs for Feroz. Kalyanji, by himself, gave far better music, in my opionion.

  28. Well, fifty percent. :P -breaks off in laughing fit- Hey, you've got three Dev songs in a row! But I've really missed reading your blog. Great to have you back! It's the one from Sone Ki Chidiya. I've been planning to listen, but Rocky's just been all over the house.

    Yup! I didn't know if it was too soon, but my other cat was quite sad and depressed with no companion. There was a big event to adopt kittens and puppies today, so. I love being able to carry Rocky - Pashi and my other cat are so heavy! My thumb's okay now, the swelling's gone down, after some ice. BUT today while running down the stairs (I was running because I saw this clip from a film, and SOMEONE SHOT RAJESH. O______O), and my little toe got under my foot or something, but it hurts.

    I'm so accident prone, dangit.

  29.  Thank you. :) I guessed it must have been Sach kaho tu mujhpe fida. :))

    Now your toe? Yes, you *are* accident prone. I think you should ask your folks to buy you a suit of armour or something!

    I don't think there is 'too soon' or 'too late' when it comes to pets. Whatever works for your circumstances is the right time. Besides, how can one not love an animal once you have brought it home?

  30.  Umm, make that 'millions of women minus one'. I grew up during Amitabh's heyday, and fell in love with him when I was seven. So then, it was difficult to think of Rajesh Khanna, who was considered his main rival. :) One has to be faithful, you see.

  31. I have been trying to churn out my memory to search out songs that can fir in the criterion of the present post, and what a challenging the task it has been!
    I could come up with the following ones:
    Tere Hushn Ki Kyaa Taarif Hun – Leader – Mohammad Rafi & Lata Mangeshkar - http://youtu.be/ot8BK_iRd74
    Phir Na Kije Meri Gustakh Nigaahon Ka Gila – Phir Subah Hogi – Mukesh , Asha Bhosle - http://youtu.be/rau5gPhmYwE
    Pyaar Par Bas To Nahin Hai Mera Lekin – Sone Ki Chidiya – Talat Mahommod, Asha Bhosle - http://youtu.be/dYchgFUtmgo
    Nahe Munne Bacche Teri Muththi Men Kya Hai – Boot Polish – Mohammad Rafi, Asha Bhosale, Chorus - http://youtu.be/cyLtFyDCcIk
    Maamaa Oh Maamaa – Paravarish – Mohammad Rafi, Manna Dey - http://youtu.be/dphargF73j4
    Bikhra Ke Jhulfen Chaman Men Na Jaana – Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar – Nzarana - http://youtu.be/OIGpBEeb_Zk
    Tere Pyaar Ka Aasra Chahata Hun – Dhool Ka Phoolk - Mahendra Kapoor, Asha Bhosle -   http://youtu.be/UvLU0fzPnAM

  32.  Achha toh hum chalte hain always makes me laugh, actually, because of what my sister (who was a toddler when the film was released) thought the lyrics were:

    Achha toh hum chalte hain
    Phir kab hilogi?


  33. shyam chirravoori2 December 2012 at 02:48

    Tere Ghar ke Saamne/1963) Mohammed Rafi-Asha Bhosle 
    It is not Asha. Please make the correction.

  34.  Yes, I am a RK Fan. It started with my liking for the songs Mukesh sang for him. Of his films reviewed here ,Awara is a favourite.  Even though Dev is my favourite from the golden era ,I think Raj Kapoor was the better actor.
    Is there any post on RK's music on the blog?
    and KA - their first big hit was Challia , an RK film, right?

  35. I see, I'm late to the party!

    What a wonderful idea for a list! Love each and every song in it!
    The only song that comes to my mind, which is not in the list is
    itna na mujhse tu pyar badha
    does it fulfill the criteria?
    Will come later.

  36.  Ashokji,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for these songs. Your memory rose up to the challenge quite well! :)

    Tere pyaar ka aasra was on my shortlist, but I rejected it because it seemed to me it was a stage song; on second listening, I feel they were using the stage as an excuse to have that conversation.

    I'd completely forgotten about Bikhrake zulfein :( Thank you for reminding me of this beautiful song.

    Thank you for Maama, o Maama; it was nice to see Raj Kapoor dancing. :) The problem is, I don't think it will fit the theme - simply because both singers are addressing a third person, who is not responding.

    Pyar par bas toh nahi is a monologue. :)) They are not 'talking'. :))

    I'm conflicted about Phir na kije meri gustakh nazar. On the face of it, yes, it sounds like a conversation, but somehow it doesn't seem to flow organically enough. But perhaps that is just me. :( (I love the song!)

    I would put Tere husn ki kya tareef karoon as a romantic duet; it is more of the 'this is the way I feel' followed by 'this is the way I feel' with nothing connecting the two.

    But thanks for all the links. So many  more songs to listen to (instead of cleaning the house).

  37. Phir kab hilogi?

    Laughing out loud at that! I wonder what the response to that would have been - it would have made for an interesting song, no? :))

  38.  Chris, ask and ye shall receive. :)) Here you go:


  39. Aargh. Shyam, you keep catching me out on the most silly mistakes! Thanks for pointing that out - I'll make the correction now. 

  40.  Thank you, Harvey. :) As for Itna na mujhse tu pyar badha, I was just telling AK (who had posted that song) that I thought it was just a romantic duet. There was really no give and take - it was more of a 'Okay, I listened to what you feel about me; now you listen to what I feel about you'. :)) But it is a good song nevertheless, and I'm always glad to hear it.

  41.  A suit of armor's too troublesome - then how am I supposed to practice my Shammi-style dance moves? I just don't know why I always hurt myself. Well, maybe it'd help if I stopped running around and screaming at every little thing in films. But then it wouldn't be so much fun, would it? Meh, I'd risk getting injured to have fun.

    I know! Rocky's so cute, and every time someone calls him that, Teesri Manzil songs start playing in my head. Oh, Shammi. (: He spent the night in my room, and gosh, he was loud! Knocked down all my toy cars, jumped over my books, and just wouldn't settle! But kittens are so cute!

  42.  I must confess that I did use to have a crush on Amitabh too, but then I found Dev. Hehehehehehe. Not being so faithful now, ey? But anyway, here's a big list of conversational songs. :D

    Dev's song. :D
    Again, Dev's song.
    Oh gosh, Dev. XDDDD I loved loved loved him in this film.
    And Shammi, too!

  43. Mere chaahnewaale is definitely a conversational song. Poor Gope. :(
    sone denge
    is not. She is conducting a monologue and all poor
    Shashi gets to say is Savere baat karega to nahin
    - chap should know that that won't get him too far!
    kahan gayi thi
    began well; didn't Rekha look so much better
    in the 'real-life' sequence? The dream sequence outfit was awful!
    dekha ek sapna
    - not a very good song (RD must have been
    asleep) but I had never heard it before, and it does fit the theme. In
    fact, I didn't even know Jaya had acted with Dharmendra! So, thank you
    for the link. Now I have to go and look for this film!

    Koi ladki mujhe kal raat is a nice song. I like both of them and Seeta aur Geeta was such a fun film!
    Bhali bhali si soorat is like a Sawaal-jawaab song in reverse.
    Uff thandi hai ye rut is a perfect conversational song! (And it's got Dev!)
    Kal ki haseen mulaaqaat ke liye is a pleasant song.

    Thank you for the links!!

  44.  I think I will just ask your folks to bubble wrap you or something. Anything to prevent these regular injuries!

    The kitten is going to take a few days to settle down.

  45.  No,no, Shashi does get a whole antara to sing, so it is not at all a monologue.
    Dream sequence outfits are always terrible in Hindi films aren't they? They are all jag-mag!
    maine dekha ek sapna not good? You have to listen to it again, dear!
    Jaya worked, as far as I know, thrice with Dharmendra (we will leave Guddi out). Samadhi as lover and daughter-in-law, Phagun as daughter and Sholay as, well sort of nearly sister-in-law. ;-)

  46. I rally should have made this a Dev Anand in Conversation post! Dustedoff reminded me of Kali ke roop mein; Aaja panchhi akela hai is such a perfect conversation, no? Love, love, love the song! Thank you so much for linking it here!
    In Saanjh dhali Dev looks like a puppy! :)
    aaja aaja Somehow this doesn't come across as a conversation. :(

  47. In Phagun and Sholay, she barely had any scenes with him - she spoke about how she so badly wanted to act with him, but how she ran and hid so she could watch him from hiding when he came on the sets of Sholay! She said he was like a Greek God. :) I hadn't heard about Samadhi at all - the only Samadhi /i> I knew about was the old one. In fact, Guddi is the only one that really counts as having worked together. Oh, I forget that they also worked in Chupke Chupke - though again, they had no scenes together.

    Hey, one antara when the heroine is going on and on doesn't count as a conversation because what he says had nothing to do with what she was groaning about before. :) (Of course, most men will say that that is how 'conversation' with their better halves usually is!)

    No, I stand by my opinion that Maine dekha ek sapna is not a very good song. :) (I have fallen in your estimation, my dear Harvey. What to do??)

  48. Thanks for a lovely discourse, taking time off 'housecleaning'!.
    The beauty of Pyar Par Bas  Nahin is the  that humming, apparently , passive responses by the female protagonist. How strongly she endorses 'his' feelings, but simply varying the emphasis in her humming with 'his' expressions of 'heart'.

  49. Ashokji, it's interesting that you should say that (about the female endorsing his feelings).  My cynical heart said it is exactly like my husband saying 'Hmm, Hmm' when I go on talking - to signify he is listening. :)

  50. All wives have that cynical tendency to steadfastly believe that husbands 'hmm,hmm' them. And All Husbands have to learn that art of 'hmmm,hmmm'ing as matter of 'white flag' of "no-War Pact".
    But, do trust the husbands also to hmmm, hmmm meaningfully when it is indeed called for!!!

  51. I don't know if anyone's mentioned this before (and I'm in too much of a hurry to actually check), but here's another one, from later years - Jaaneman jaaneman tere do nayan.


  52.  "Of course, most men will say that that is how 'conversation' with their better halves usually is!"
    I rest my case!

    "I have fallen in your estimation, my dear Harvey. What to do?"
    With so many difference in opinion, I think, now it is mutual, isn't it? ;-) :-D
    But a minus and a minus makes a plus! so back to square one!

    "how she ran and hid so she could watch him from hiding when he came on the sets of Sholay!"
    Anu, you surprise me! You are a filmi journalist and you still believe all that gets printed or the stars say? So infatuated at the start of the shooting and at the end of the film she goes and marries Amitabh! Surprise, surprise! :-D yeh sab kehnewali baatein hoti hai Just like that Madhubala insisted on put the clause in her contract that only Lata would give playback to her. Here is a review of Samadhi [1972] by Greta: http://memsaabstory.com/2011/03/25/samadhi-1972/

    Sholay got released in 1975? way after Samadhi then. Okay Sholay took long to get completed. Maybe she ran and hid to watch Dharam pre-Samadhi, saw him with his pants down in that film (not in real life) and so scared was she that she ran into Amitabh's long arms!

  53.  Harvey, no, I don't believe everything the stars say, but she did look quite besotter when she said it. *Grin* Besides, I can believe anyone who says they were besotted with Garam Dharam. :)) Jaya was pregnant with Shweta when they were shooting Sholay, Harvey. She and Amit got married right after Zanjeer (1973). But I think they were already a pair in 1972.

    But who told you married women can't have crushes on other men? *Grin*

    A minus and a minus do not make a plus (curse my logical mind) - you add the two, but the sign remains minus. :))

  54. No, Madhu, nobody has, yet. And I'm surprised. I thought Sameer would have come up with this.  It's such a beautiful song, isn't it? Quite one of my favourites from that period.

  55.  One of my favourites from that period, too. :-)

  56. Great collection and good to see you back at blogging. Jaaneman-jaaneman is a perfect example and I do love the picturisation, Amol's face when Hema changes to Vidya and then when Dharmendra changes into him is classic. Also "Bagon mein bahar hai.." from Aradhana, a classic sawaal-jawaab song. Of course Farida Jalaal is a little tooo.. sweet, but still, a nice song.

  57.  Thank you, Nalini. Laughing at Farida Jalaal is a little tooo.. sweet,; I like Farida a lot but I know just what you mean!

  58. Oh yeah, I agree! :D

    I know, Dev is SO CUTE in Aaja Panchi Akela Hai. Oh, those expressions. -melts-
    Really? :D Hehehehehe, that look, yeah. He's so cute with Waheeda.
    Aww, really? Not even when he says, "Tum pe hazaaron ki aankhen, chahiye tumko sahara", and she replies, "Mera khayal tujhe hai, maine abhi yehi jaana"?

  59. "But who told you married women can't have crushes on other men?"
    Nobody, in fact, I believe that married women have more the reason to! ;-)

    Sign remains still a minus? *shrugs his shoulders* to rehne do minus, hamari dosti minus ko bhi plus kar sakti hai

  60. Wah, Harvey. Maan gaye. Yes, definitely, our dosti has to be  a plus, no matter what the sign.

  61. I don't know how I missed this post earlier. I thought I was subscribed to your blog and would get email notifications - but apparently the system is far from fool proof.

    Der ayad durust ayad. Let me add one song that is 100% conversational - 'Mujhe sach sach bata do' by Mukesh and Rajkumari from 'Bawre Nain'. This song has an intersting history for me. For days the tune kept ringing in my ears particularly the 'kya?' by Rajkumari in response to Mukesh, but I couldn't recall anything else about it. Finally it was AK - of Songs of Yore - who jogged my memory. Here is the link, assuming that no one else has already mentioned it in comments: http://youtu.be/_xR52wGxWEs

    I specially love the slightly odd pronunciation of 't'ri kismat jagane ko' by Rajkumari at the end.

  62. Ah, I love conversational songs...they'e such fun.  They remind me of those classic Hollywood romcoms from the 30s & 40s with their witty sparring.  I think Majrooh was particularly adept are writing these conversational songs.

    You've mentioned most of my favorites, but here are a few more that I love:

    Aji humko hai tumse pyar - Mehbooba(1954)  

    Tumse kuch kehna hai - Guest House

    Aap yahan aaye kis liye - Kal Aaj Aur Kal (1972)

    And finally, my all-time favorite - Kashti ka khamosh safar hai - Girlfriend (1960)

  63.  Shalini, yes, the conversational songs were mostly the sparring type, weren't they? I have bookmarked all the songs you posted for future viewing. Thanks for the links. My head is splitting and watching anything makes it hurt even more.

  64. Yes, Subodh, Blogger acts in strange ways. Mujhe sach sach bata do is not only an apt addition to this genre, but also one of my personal favourites. Thank you so much for adding it to the comments. 

  65. The first song that comes into my mind when you refer to a conversational song would be 'Ek hi Khwaab' from Kinara..Must be a difficult composition where you don't realise that there is a music in here..On 2nd thoughts, maybe it's not a conversation in the true sense of the word:)


  66.  Naah, not a conversation at all. :) A monologue at best.


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